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Program Schedule & Session Objectives


Leadership Bend will meet every 3rd Thursday of the month from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and cover the following leadership development topics and objectives:

Leadership Development & Team Building

  • Realize individual personality styles, how they affect interaction with others plus develop skills in group/team dynamics and apply them in an interactive format with Sheila Mawdsley, Executive Coach
  • Develop a variety of leadership skills and discover your own leadership value and why it is important

Our Community

  • Develop greater appreciation & understanding of the historical issues & events that shaped Central Oregon
  • Gain unique insight and perspective on the composition of Bend and Central Oregon
  • Learn how our local bonds, districts, levies and campaigns have impacted us and the value of your role
  • Understand Oregon’s property tax and land use system

Economy, Tourism & the Central Oregon Business Climate

  • Understand the current Central Oregon business climate, the role of tourism, our health industry, and more
  • Understand local efforts to expand and retain local businesses; how key partners work together


  • Examine leadership in a government setting and operational differences between county and city
  • Discuss major issues and opportunities facing local government; meet elected and key stakeholders

Judicial, Legal & Public Service

  • Increase awareness of the local court system, community justice, and community protection services
  • Gain an understanding of our public servants serving Central Oregon and your role

Boards, Nonprofits and Human Resources

  • Learn how a board truly works and become prepared to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn from key organizations why they exist and how they impact the community

Education, Technology and Emerging Industries

  • Gain an awareness of the challenges facing youth and growth in our community
  • Understand the fundamental education components and what’s next on the horizon in our community

Land & Natural Resources

  • Increase understanding of state, county and city land and water practices
  • Learn how these laws impact our natural resources and quality of life

Communications & Media

  • Enhancing communication skills, understanding our media and the process of effective communication

Class Project: LB Impact Summit –Read more about it on the “class project” website:

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