What is Advocacy?

Advocacy (noun) — public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.


Asking your community’s elected officials for permission to allow temporary street closures for outdoor dining.


Arranging a meeting with an elected official and then educating them about the value of investments to incentivize first time home ownership.


Partnering with government agencies to seek creative solutions to create more child care program.


Convening community leaders at times of natural disaster or human crisis to develop solutions for the community and promote healing.

Why Advocate?

Advocacy can take many forms, and most of us have experience advocating for issues that are personally or professional important.

Relationship Building to Advance Your Organization's Goals

Establishing Your Organization as a Trusted Resource & Counsel

Providing information & expertise relevant to a public policy position.

Advocacy Resources

Resources for advocacy at any level of government from city council or school board to the state legislature and Governor’s office.

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