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Employers—We Want to Hear from You!

We need your help in quantifying the extent to which unaffordable housing is impacting your ability to hire or retain talent. Please take our short survey and feel free to share the link with other employers that you know. The more data we have, the better!

The Problem

The availability and cost of housing is at a critical level in Bend, making it too expensive for many to live near where they work. And employers know that housing is one of their biggest hurdles in hiring and retaining employees. Housing that is out of reach for many results in a lack of labor and a growing disconnect between who works and lives in Bend.

Put simply, the cost of finding a place to live — whether that means paying the rent, or a home mortgage, is driving away those who want to work here.

This effects staple jobs in our community, including nurses, teachers, firefighters and many industries that are essential —people who in the past would have had little trouble finding a place to live in Bend. Now, the housing market is nowhere within their reach.

The Solutions

The Bend Chamber is leading an initiative with employers and community partners to build more workforce housing as quickly as possible.

Bend’s housing shortage needs multiple strategies that increase the amount and variety of housing types. How do we do this?

Build In, Build Up and Build Out

  • Create well-planned living spaces within existing neighborhoods
  • Allow for higher buildings and more density in designated urban areas in Bend
  • Start the process of expanding our Urban Growth Boundary to increase the amount of land on which we can build.
  • Build Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADU’s) in adjacent rural areas

Workforce Housing Survey Results and Analysis

In our recent survey conducted in August, 2021, Bend residents weighed in on how the housing shortage is affecting our community. They also shared their opinions on how to add housing in order for people who work here to be able to live here.


Said they or someone they know has had to leave Bend or couldn’t move here due to lack of affordable housing.


Said that the most worrisome issue is rising rents.


Support building specific urban areas where housing is denser and buildings are taller.

For more details from our survey, check out the presentation and resources below.



Bend ADU Guide Cover

Bend Accessory Dwelling Unit Guide

Everything you need to know to plan & build an ADU in Bend.

Survey Analysis Webinar

Watch a replay of our workforce housing challenges webinar.

Housing for a more affordable Bend

Workforce Housing Survey Slides

Analysis of Bend Chamber’s Workforce Housing survey.

Solving for Workforce Housing

Solving for Workforce Housing Slides

Slides from Mike Kosdrosky of Workforce Housing Solutions.

Bend Central District Plan

Bend Central District Plan

View details of the City of Bend’s Central District Plan.

Attainable Housing Presentation

Great presentation on challenges, perceptions and solutions.

Moving To Bend

Employee Relocation Info

Resources for employees moving to Bend.

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Thank You to Our Collaborators

With thanks to our collaborators for helping us work towards solving Bend’s workforce housing shortage.

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