A Message from Chamber CEO, Katy Brooks

A Message from Chamber CEO, Katy Brooks

We are hopeful that the end of the worst days of the pandemic are near. The cost to human health and life and to our community businesses has been heavy and painful. As we all work to protect ourselves and one another from the virus, we remain insistent that our community businesses need help. 

The Bend Chamber has provided the state with feedback from our business community to inform COVID guidelines that would allow businesses to remain open in a safe fashion. Clearly some businesses have been impacted and are suffering hardships more than others. These businesses need financial assistance immediately. They also need flexibility in applying operating guidelines to meet safety standards while generating more income. 

We remain disappointed that there is not robust data on where COVID cases are occurring and that public health guidelines are not equally applied to all businesses. Data and science is how we can make informed decisions rather than broad and sweeping restrictions that may or may not be effective or necessary.

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