Two Spruce Law Thrilled to Announce Return of Ian Ferguson

Two Spruce Law Thrilled to Announce Return of Ian Ferguson

Two Spruce Law is thrilled to announce that Ian Ferguson has returned to Central Oregon and joined the firm as the Office Administrator. Ian is a Native of Bend Oregon. He entered the United States Navy upon graduating High School. He left the military on April 1, 2023, to return home after nearly ten years of service. Ian worked for the firm for two years as a high school student.

During his time in the Navy, he achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer and specialized in ocean navigation, emergency equipment material management, and Navy training specialist. As an ocean Navigation specialist, he was directly responsible for the safe transit and Navigation of ships up to 99,000 metric tons, holding crews up to 6,000 people. As an emergency equipment material manager, he managed and maintained up to 2,000 essential lifesaving equipment items.

As a Navy training specialist, Ian managed key navigation policies and instructions that were implemented for all Navy ships to adhere to, and he inspected 127 ships to ensure adherence to Navy policy. His assignments while on active duty included USS George Washington, USS Ronald Reagan, USS Portland, and Afloat Training Group San Diego. While deployed, he had the privilege of seeing Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Guam, Australia, the Philippines, and over 40,000 nautical miles of blue ocean.

Ian has a young son named William. Both Ian and William enjoy playing with model train sets and making noise on musical instruments. Ian is proficient on the Violin, and William is a musical genius on the pots and pans. Additionally, the father son duo also enjoys the alchemical arts of roasting coffee and brewing beer. When not being entertained by his son, Ian enjoys fencing, archery, hiking, and reading all genres of books from fantasy to philosophy.

Ian is your first and primary point of contact with the staff at Two Spruce Law. He fills a variety of hats, so to speak, and does so enthusiastically.

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