The Collins Foundation to Match up to $60,000 For First-Time & Upgrade Donors to Volunteers in Medicine

The Collins Foundation to Match up to $60,000 For First-Time & Upgrade Donors to Volunteers in Medicine

Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) has received a three-year $60,000 matching grant from The Collins Foundation. The Collins Foundation will match up to $20,000 per year to help support high-level patient care at the VIM clinic. Match-eligible gifts include:

  • First-Time Donors: 1:1 match for new donors who contribute $100 to $1,000
  • Upgrade Gifts: 1:1 match for upgrade from prior year’s giving level to $100, $250, $500, or $1,000. (For example, if someone donated a total of $30 last year, they would be eligible for a match at the $100-$249 level this year.)
  • Upgrade Gifts + Tykeson Family Foundation: 2:1 match – Upgrade gifts that are also match-eligible by the Tykeson Family Foundation will be matched by both grants. The Tykeson Family Foundation is matchings gifts from anyone working in healthcare (including admin) up to $125,000.

VIM serves over 900 low-income working adults annually. None of VIM’s patients are eligible for ACA coverage, so they rely on the clinic’s services, which are always free of charge. Patients typically have multiple underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. They face language and cultural barriers in obtaining healthcare, and VIM puts these needs front and center, offering primary and specialty medical care, prescription medications, and mental health care. Patient needs have increased dramatically over the past two years; In response, VIM has expanded services and staff to provide the care needed to support our patients, which has increased operating expenses.


About The Collins Foundation

 Formed in 1947 by Truman W. Collins Sr. and other members of the family of E.S. Collins, The Collins Foundation invests in Oregon nonprofit organizations, both rural and urban, that are dedicated to improving quality of life and well-being for the people in their communities.  As a funder and partner, we are committed to the pursuit of equity, both in how we allocate resources across Oregon’s diverse communities and how we shape our internal structures. The Collins Foundation


About Volunteers in Medicine Clinic of the Cascades

Volunteers in Medicine Clinic of the Cascades (VIM) is a nonprofit clinic in Bend that provides free medical care to low-income, uninsured adults from working families in Central Oregon. Our mission is “to improve the health and wellness of the medically uninsured or critically underserved through the engagement of professionals, community partners, and dedicated volunteers.” VIM is the only clinic in Central Oregon that cares for the uninsured without charge. Patients receive primary and specialty medical care, medications, mental health care, surgery, physical therapy, lab work, medical tests, and education programs. All care is provided through medical and support volunteers.

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