The Oregon General Assembly is in Session – Now What?

The Oregon General Assembly is in Session – Now What?

Legislative Update

February 5, 2021


On January 19, the Oregon General Assembly convened for their annual legislative session. This year, being an odd year, is scheduled to last 160 days as the Senate and the House consider legislation and pass a budget for the next biennium. The legislative process will look a bit different this year as the state capitol is closed due to COVID, and all committee hearings are online. Elected representatives meet once per week for floor votes, but otherwise conduct all business virtually. 

The Chamber’s Advocacy Council and Board of Directors has approved a comprehensive policy agenda for the legislative session rooted in the core values and mission of the Chamber. Key policy areas we’ll be tracking this year include:

  • Economic recovery for businesses impacted by the pandemic.
  • Workforce development and innovation that lead to a vibrant business community, and ensure business resilience during COVID
  • Increasing the supply of affordable housing to support Bend’s growing population
  • A diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce and business community
  • Support for transportation and infrastructure projects to alleviate traffic congestion and plan for future growth
  • Access to affordable, high-quality child care for infants, toddlers and preschool age children 
  • A thoughtful balance between environmental sustainability and economic health.

Thus far over 1500 bills have been introduced, and more are likely on the way. The Chamber’s Advocacy Council reviews bills that fit within the organization’s policy agenda and take positions to support, oppose or monitor. For more information about the Chamber’s advocacy program, or to get more involved in advocacy please contact Government Affairs consultant, Sara Odendahl at

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