What is Now for Bend?

By:  Janie Evey Teater and Amy C. Tykeson

Now for Bend is a coalition of community members, businesses, and organizations working to establish a four-year OSU-Cascades campus in the heart of Bend. Led by former educator Janie Evey Teater and business leader Amy Tykeson, the coalition supports a west-side university location that will provide access to affordable higher education now and a more stable economy. Together, we can secure funding for the university and provide accurate information to the community about the west-side location.

With a vocal minority aggressively attacking plans for the university, it was time for those who believe in its benefits and the positive implications for our community to stand strong together in support of OSU-Cascades at this location.

There is no other viable location, at least not for another decade. We have a window of funding now, and we have the chance to shape growth on the west side now. By choosing the university as the partner for development of this west-side property, Bend gains the opportunity to have a greater say in traffic mitigation and neighborhood livability—than they would with any other occupant of the west-side property. Something will be built on that 10-acre parcel and the university will be an invested partner, working toward the overall betterment of Bend.

But these growth concerns are not the central issue. This university is about so much more. It is about long overdue educational opportunities, meaningful economic stability, innovation and expanded cultural enrichment that we want for our region. These are the benefits that led to overwhelming support for the university in a recent poll conducted by Now for Bend.

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals approval of the site plan is good news. But our work isn’t done. OSU-Cascades is a critical piece of the puzzle for the future of Bend. As stewards and leaders of Bend, get informed and demonstrate your support for higher education in Bend and throughout the region. Bend has been waiting for a four-year university for 30 years. Now is our time. Now for Bend.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. Sign the petition at
  2. Have your business or organization join the coalition.
  3. Take a few minutes to post your “Why Now” www.nowforbend/share-your-why-now/.
  4. “Like” and “share” the Now for Bend Facebook page.



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  1. Thanks, Janie and Amy, for voicing what so many of us believe – that Bend will become culturally richer and more economically diverse with a four-year university. This long-awaited dream guarantees a long and prosperous future for us and the many generations to come.

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