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The City of Bend is revising its standards and specifications for inspection services on privately-initiated developments, such as new subdivisions, commercial and industrial developments, and non-City funded public capital projects including new schools and parks. The policy revisions would, for the first time, require private engineering consultants to provide inspection and construction services. Under the draft policy, the design engineer for the project would be required to provide inspection services for the public infrastructure that is required as part of a private development project.

Previously, the City provided all inspection services. Due to the increase of development activity in the City, staffing limitations and the need to provide additional inspection services to ensure the City is accepting quality constructed infrastructure, the City is proposing a change to the inspection process.  The proposed changes follow similar processes from other jurisdictions within Oregon and around the country.

The City would like to hear feedback from the community on this new policy. The City worked with a small focus group of engineers and developers to draft the new policy and would now like to obtain additional public comments prior to the City Council consideration of these changes.

The City Council is expected to vote on the new policy on August 5, so public comments are due by Friday, July 24. For more information and to provide comments log into, where you can view and participate in an online forum called “New Inspection Requirements.” Additional comments or questions can be directed to: Kyle Thomas, City of Bend Construction Manager, or 541-323-8519.

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  1. Peter Baer says:

    This is a very bad idea. It is like asking the fox to guard the hen house. Self policing never works. By the time problems are discovered the engineer and developer are gone, out of business or not financially capable of fixing the error negligent or otherwise. If anything hire an independent third party engineer to oversee the work. The city has the obligation to insure the public welfare for the whole community not just public facilities.

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