Leadership Bend — A day of water awareness

By Diane Turnbull, Leadership Bend Class of 2015

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to gardening, summer barbecues and just getting out and enjoying our beautiful Central Oregon.  This year is no different, right?  Well maybe not.  Our last Leadership Bend session was all about water, the history of water distribution, water rights, conservation and what happens in drought years.  We have all noticed, and no doubt commented on, the lack of moisture this past winter, so this session was not only timely, but important given our love of the outdoors and our water sports in Central Oregon.

Thanks to presenters from the City of Bend, Oregon Water Resources Department, Deschutes Land Trust, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, Deschutes National Forest and Oregon High Desert Association we received a lot of great information.  It turns out it takes many people with a great deal of diverse experience and education to manage our water resources in Central Oregon!  One of the best things about this session was learning a few water conservation strategies and who to call with water concerns, like those gushing sprinklers watering the road instead of the lawn.

Below is a list of resources that will help you be a good water use steward and plan a fun and exciting summer:

For information on water conservation strategies:

For information on native and drought tolerant plants:

For information on protecting our land and restoring our rivers:

For information on using our forest and desert lands wisely as well as summer activity planning: and

I recommend checking out the above resources as part of your planning for summer activities from gardening to getting outside with the family. Oh, and if you do come across one of those gushing sprinklers call the city and report it:  541-317-3000.

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