Waldorf School of Bend initiated Kindness Week

The Waldorf School of Bend (WSB) initiated Kindness Week October 3-7.  Unkind, mean and at times bullying words and actions often dominate our conversations, politics, popular culture and predictably make their way into our schools. To address these difficult challenges a school right here in Bend wanted to do something different.  As a school community they decided to dedicate a week to acts of kindness, compassion and empathy.

WSB launched Kindness Week on the heels of Michaelmas, their annual equinox festival; a celebration of the collective need to carry the inner light of wisdom and courage into the dark days of winter.  This message parallels the great courage it can require to be kind in the face of fear and anxiety.

During Kindness Week acts of kindness were displayed all over the campus, from the elementary-aged children making tea and snacks for their peers in preschool and kindergarten, to the 7th and 8th graders spreading joy with song throughout the halls.  Students considered large and small acts of kindness from a historic perspective and were invited to bring kindness into their homes and communities through thoughtful actions.

The larger community of Bend was invited to celebrate Kindness Week through the form of personal acts of kindness or developing a Kindness Week.

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