Leading Edge Flight Academy of Bend, Oregon Embraces “New-Normal”, Develops New Training Program

Leading Edge Flight Academy of Bend, Oregon Embraces “New-Normal”, Develops New Training Program

“New-Normal” has become the go-to catch phrase of 2020. While rightfully describing our drastically impacted day-to-day routine, it also tends to be linked with negative ideas, such as homeschooling while teleworking or chaotic grocery shopping experiences. Why, however, does change have to be negative?

Leading Edge Flight Academy in Bend, Oregon is doing their best to see the silver lining of “NewNormal”. The development of their APEX training program out of the Bend Municipal Airport brings new opportunities to the business commuters in town.

“APEX was created to offer flight training to individuals in our community who are not necessarily focused on pursuing aviation as a career. APEX accommodates unique schedules, and provides access to a variety of aircraft for each person’s specific needs” -Chris Zanger, APEX lead instructor

Many professionals in Central Oregon throw around the idea of attaining their pilot license, and possibly purchasing their own aircraft to dodge the hassle of airline travel. The main stuck for these student pilots is finding time to commit to training.

APEX has developed a new Travel + Train program, which can solve the time commitment issue for training. Highly skilled instructors can get you to/from popular destinations from Bend, while you learn to take the controls and work towards your private pilot license. This idea helps achieve two goals in one engagement: check off your flight training hours on your way to your next business meeting. If training on the go does not suit you, APEX can also offer onsite flight training from Bend. This summer, special training rates are being offered to ensure one can attain their private license in the accelerated time frame of 2-4 months for under $10,000 (based on FAA minimums).

“We wanted to give people something to work towards during this unprecedented summer season. Gaining the skill of piloting an aircraft would definitely be a ‘new-normal’ to brag about.” -Chris Zanger, APEX lead instructor

If you aren’t sure if training is right for you, APEX offers a one hour discovery flight in a luxury single engine Cirrus that will take you to new heights (and speeds) while allowing you to explore the aviation lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

Why wait? Make your “New-Normal” an unforgettable lifestyle transformation. Schedule a flight with Leading Edge Flight Academy today.

Courtney Massey, Admissions Director + Business Development, Leading Edge Flight Academy

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