Collective Pallet Receives ODA Certification

Collective Pallet Receives ODA Certification

Jan 14, 2021

In November Collective Pallet received ODA Certification, we are licensed by The Oregon Department of Agriculture to store shelf-stable, packaged, food, and beverages. If your business requires receiving, storing, packaging, and shipping of packaged food or beverage, Collective Pallet is a great option for you.

Collective Pallet provides product-based companies with affordable, innovative co-warehousing, and product-fulfillment solutions. Self-fulfillment and self-storage without long-term commitments, costly rents, or maintenance. Our facility makes it possible for members to seamlessly receive, store, and ship merchandise by eliminating the hassle of distributing products from a home or commercial office. By accommodating Central Oregon’s small business innovators with co-warehousing, our members are free to focus more on the product development and sales that bring their vision to life.

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