Central Oregon Independent Practice Association (COIPA) Awards


Central Oregon Independent Practice Association (COIPA) recognizes and awards two primary care and two specialty care clinics for their outstanding work.

At COIPA’s annual business meeting on September 19, 2019, Weeks Family Medicine was awarded the 2019 Primary Care Clinic of the year award and Madras Medical Group received an honorable mention award for Primary Care. The Primary Care clinic selection was based on three objective criteria: patient access, clinical quality, and clinical quality improvement over the previous year.

Weeks Family Medicine – (left to right) Kim Bangerter, MBA, CEO – COIPA, Jennifer Nelson, FNP, James Weeks, MD, and Divya Sharma, MD, MS, FACP, CMO – COIPA


The Center Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Care and Research was awarded the 2019 Specialty Clinic of the Year award and Central Oregon Radiology Associates received an honorable mention award. The recipients were selected by the votes of independent primary care providers, using three criteria: how well a referred patient’s issue was addressed, communication and responsiveness, and satisfaction of the referred patients.

The Center – (left to right) Kim Bangerter, MBA, CEO – COIPA, Michael Gonsalves, CEO – The Center, Ray Tien, MD – The Center, Mike Caravelli, MD – The Center, and Divya Sharma, MD, MS, FACP, CMO – COIPA

CORA – (left to right) Kim Bangerter, MBA, CEO – COIPA, Daymen Tuscano, MD – CORA, Dennis Carter – CEO – CORA, Traci Clautice-Engle, MD – CORA, and Divya Sharma, MD, MS, FACP, CMO – COIPA

Madras Medical Group – (left to right) Kim Bangerter, MBA, CEO – COIPA, Molly Nichols, PA – Madras Medical Group, Joanne Boisvert, MD – Madras Medical Group, Gary Plant, MD – Madras Medical Group, Bob Jones – Madras Medical Group, and Divya Sharma, MD, MS, FACP, CMO – COIPA

COIPA is excited about the great work being done by all our member clinics in the community. While there are many outstanding clinics that are part of COIPA, the awarded recipients rose to the top. As part of the award, the top recipients received a voucher for up to $3000 to spend on local art for their clinic or to donate to a local charity of their choice.  Honorable mention recipients received a voucher for $1000 for the same.

COIPA clinics have worked hard and shown incredible dedication to their patients. We are delighted to recognize these four clinics for the wonderful contributions they have made toward ensuring the health and wellness of our community.  We look forward to continuing this annual recognition for our most outstanding clinics.

The Central Oregon Independent Practice Association (COIPA) is a non-profit community of independent providers in Central Oregon and the Columbia Gorge established in 1992. Our passion is supporting independent primary care and specialty medical practices by providing a range of services. COIPA has more than 700 individual members in over 115 independent medical practices, ranging from solo providers to large multi-specialty groups.

COIPA members demonstrate their commitment to high-quality healthcare participating in a wide range of state, regional, and IPA-led clinical quality reporting and incentive programs.


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  1. G Carter says:

    FYI your captions are all mixed up… CORA’s photo has The Center’s caption, Madras Medical’s photo has CORA’s caption, The Center’s photo has Weeks Family Medicine’s caption, and Weeks Family Medicine has Madras Medical’s caption.

    1. Garrett Jaenicke says:

      Thanks! We noticed it just after the send button was pushed. It’s fixed now.

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