Bend Chamber Association Health Plan is Doing Just Fine

By: Del Johnson

Lately, there have been reports of association health plans being negatively impacted by recent legislation passed in Washington, D.C. The plans that have gotten into trouble lack commonality of interest or have been sponsored by groups/marketing organizations that do not meet the requirements to be a sponsor of a multiple employer plan. In those cases they were formed for the singular purpose of buying health insurance, which is not an allowable form of creating a Multiple Employer plan. The Bend Chamber of Commerce (BCOC) Association Health Plan was set up properly with a rigor and stringency that keeps it immune from the recent legislation. Here are some of the details…

  • The BCOC Association Health Plans are qualified association plans that have been in existence for years;
  • The plans were drafted by an ERISA attorney who is a recognized expert in the legal structuring of such plans;
  • The plans were approved by the insurance carrier. The plans comply with all the terms and provisions of the ACA and State of Oregon mandates, unlike many plans which have been challenged nationally on the basis that they did not meet ERISA standards nor State law;
  • The BCOC plans have all been filed with and approved by the State of Oregon;
  • Annually, the Chamber files all federal forms required under the law including financial accountability records;
  • The BCOC plans are fully insured – neither the Chamber nor any participants have liability for claims expense nor administration of same, as they may in other association plans;
  • The BCOC plans are just one of many services offered by the Bend Chamber to its members which is one of the requirements to comply with federal law.

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