Summer Event Season is Coming – Make Sure You Have Proper Permits in Place


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With event season just around the corner, Deschutes County encourages people who are planning events and large outdoor gatherings in unincorporated rural areas to apply for the necessary permits at least 90 days prior to a scheduled event.

“Permits are required to protect the public,” said Deschutes County Community Development Director Nick Lelack. “They address a variety of things – everything from traffic and crowd control to compliance with fire, health and safety laws.”

The county offers different permits for different types, sizes, durations, and locations of events. Permits cost between $45 for a one-time event to $2,855 for large events, or events that last for several days.

Some event permits are processed by County staff while others must be approved by a Hearings Officer, Planning Commission or the Board of County Commissioners. County staff is available during normal business hours to help people understand the type of permit needed for certain events and to guide them through the permitting process.

For more information about permits for concerts, festivals or other large events, please contact the Deschutes County Community Development Department at 388-6560. For more information about permits for events, parades or athletic events, please contact the County’s Risk Management Department at 330-4631 or visit their website.

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