Reilly King

Nominated for : Young Hero (18-21)

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Reilly is the OSU-Cascades Student Body President. She is an inspiring leader who is a team player. Reilly holds a high bar for the student government team at OSU-Cascades. Known as the Associated Students of Cascade Campus, this team is made up of six diverse high achievers. Reilly is passionate about promoting and capturing student voice around issues that impact students both currently and in the future. She walks a fine line between intentionally advocating for all students and seeks out voices that are easily brushed aside to ensure that her peers are provided with an equitable opportunity to have input on major university decisions.

Reilly is also a great communicator and self-starter, keeping her group on track for upcoming deadlines and encouraging a team approach to participating in events on campus, specifically ones that will increase the presence and visibility of student government at OSU-Cascades. Under her steady leadership, student participation in campus projects including Child Care Subsidy Grant Awards and the Food Pantry has increased this year. She recently wrote a grant and submitted it to the Women’s Giving Circle in the hopes to secure additional funding for student parents who seek Child Care Subsidy grants to help offset the cost of their tuition and fees while attending the university. In addition, student lobbying efforts in Salem have increased both in attendance volume and number of trips to Salem to meet with Legislators about OSU-Cascades need for a Student Success Center on campus. Reilly’s efforts have demonstrated how a determined woman, no matter her age, can have a positive and long-lasting impact on student’s success.




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