Kristina Lannen

Kristina has been able to push through the stereotypical boundaries of what role women can play in the construction industry. As the President of We Cut Concrete she completes job estimates, assists with project management and schedules the work crews of her concrete cutting company. Construction is an industry known to be dominated by men, and Kristina has had to work that much harder to become accepted and reap the rewards of well-deserved success. Many times on a job site when a client has asked to “speak to the boss”. Kristina then has to explain that she is the boss. After a moment of silence this is usually followed by an apology and a comment such as, ” I just figured you were a secretary”, or ” Typically a woman doesn’t do what you do.” Despite the challenges presented by pre-conceived notions of what women can do, Kristina has built wonderful working relationships with her customers and project managers in what is typically seen as a “man’s world”. Her company regularly works with all of the major Central Oregon construction companies on a wide variety of projects

In a time when women are just now finding empowerment in what were traditionally male dominated industries, Kristina has already been leading the way in demonstrating that women can be strong, successful leaders regardless of the career they choose to pursue.

Nominee Organizations and Activities:

Kristina and her husband David are members of the Trinity Lutheran Church.

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  1. Tamara Dostal says:

    There cannot be a woman more qualified for this title! Kristina is everything the article says and more. We are proud to know her as a friend and also a fabulous contribution to the industry!

  2. Debbie Fidler says:

    I know Kristina as our excavation company depends on We Cut Concrete on a regular basis. Kristina does a great job meeting our needs. Then in the afternoon I see her at school picking up her boys or at a sporting event. She has always stepped up when I was in need of a donation as well. Kristina truly is a great individual. Congrats Kristina.

  3. Lisa Gilbert says:

    Kristina deserves this honor more than anyone can possibly know! Not only is she an amazing businesswoman and leader in her industry, but she is also an awesome mom to two boys who need her all the time. She’s all things to all people and truly deserves to be honored.

  4. Mary DeWilde says:

    It is wonderful that Kristina Roscamp Lannen has been chosen as a candidate for Woman of the Year especially at this pointe time.

    Woman all over the world have been stepping up to be recognized for their abilities and strength in a so called ‘man’s world’. It takes ambition, strength and and sense of fairness to stand up for your worth.

    We really don’t appreciate what it must have taken at times to be in a group of men that don’t see a younger woman capable of doing what was previously seen as a man’s expertise. The times she had to stand up for herself in a old boys world and confront them.
    Has she not only done that, she has made We Cut Concrete a successful business and has won the respect of her clients.

    Those that know her and respect all she is as a strong, caring woman in a hard competitive world are very pleased that she is recognized for all she is.

  5. Amber Kenniston says:

    In business and in life Kristina Lannen is a genuine, direct and impactful woman of integrity and truth.

    Working with her, you will find that her life and career align with a spirit of compassion and wisdom. She defines, strength courage, confidence and wisdom. Any passionate young person with a pursuit of great visions and goals in their life would be served well to rest under the wing of her mentorship. All of her family and friends and anyone in the business world she comes alongside will experience great gratitude to have their name linked with Kristina Lannen.

    Yes, “Woman of the Year” is an accurate and appropriate title for this groundbreaking force of honorable character found in Kristina Lannen. She exemplifies this in every facet of her life.

  6. Sandy Morse says:

    Kristina goes above and beyond for her employees and he customers! She balances work and family with such ease! Truly a very deserving person of Woman of the Year!!!

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