Creating a successful nomination packet

By: Bend Chamber EVP Programs & Events Robin Rogers

What can you do to create a competitive SAGE Business Award nomination packet that propels your application to the top of the list?

Follow directions and be sure to use the checklist: When creating your SAGE nomination packet, read the directions carefully and follow the directions. Have a trusted friend or colleague review your packet before it is submitted. Peer review will force you to compile all the information into its final format and help ensure the packet is complete.

All supporting documents in the nomination packet should be geared to what the judging committee has asked you to submit. Don’t send something clearly intended for another use and expect the judges to glean the information they need to make their decision. The information you include should be the requested content and length. Submitted materials should be consistent with the application and presented in an orderly fashion.  When putting together your 30-second video commercial be creative, think outside the box. If you were making a commercial about you and your business, what would you want your audience to know? You have 30 seconds to grab their attention and pack a punch!

Put together a professional presentation: A well-presented packet addresses goals properly with sufficient content. Use 11 or 12-point font and standard margins. Make sure it is properly formatted with correct spelling and grammar. Use spell check, but don’t depend on it because spell check isn’t perfect. If you use any initials or acronyms, be sure to explain what they are.

Exceed expectations: Give yourself enough time to develop a nomination packet that exceeds all the minimum requirements. What does this mean? It means including just the right amount of detail so your narrative is attractive to the committee and grabs the judges. To do this, you might give outcome measures that demonstrate your success, or an interesting example of the concept you are presenting. Sell your story through a creative, innovative and inspiring application!

Invite letters of support: Invite colleagues to write a letter in support of your nomination. Their names and accomplishments should be recognizable to the selection committee, and relevant to the award or position. They should know you well enough to personalize the letter and provide insightful evidence as to why you should receive the award. Be sure to show your appreciation at the time of the invitation and don’t forget to let them know when you receive the recognition.

Throughout the process be sure to remember, just being nominated for a SAGE Business Award is a great honor!


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