City Club of Central Oregon Presents Honorary Membership to Bend’s First Creative Laureate

City Club of Central Oregon wants to hold conversations where all sectors of Central Oregon are represented at their forums. To that end, funded by the law firm of Buchanan Schmid LLC, City Club is thrilled to offer Bend’s Creative Laureate Jason Graham an honorary membership and sponsored seat to attend each of City Club’s twelve annual forums on a variety of topics.

…we aspire to bring creativity and artistry to every aspect of each forum we hold.

Why would a law firm think to include a musician, educator and visual artist? According to partner Bill Buchanan, “City Club likes to bringing various communities of Central Oregon together to discuss topics of local importance. One of those communities is our creative community. Although only one or two of our forums each year deal directly with “the arts”, we aspire to bring creativity and artistry to every aspect of each forum we hold. Though I’m no artist, I’m a better lawyer for having seen, heard, and conspired with artists.”

Jason Graham, aka MOsley WOtta, was chosen as Bend’s first creative laureate in 2018 with the broad mandate to serve as a liaison between the community and artists in the region. Jason states that “MOsley WOtta music is specifically designed to celebrate our commonalities and embrace our differences.” That is what City Club endeavors to do, and providing Jason the opportunity to engage in our monthly conversations will elevate this message.

City Club of Central Oregon is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic affairs organization that promotes active citizenship to build a stronger community.

The mission of the City Club of Central Oregon is “to build a conscious and civic minded community through dialog, education and research that results in responsible civic engagement.”



About City Club of Central Oregon

City Club of Central Oregon exists to be the top-of-mind hub for citizens and community leaders. We intentionally shape our community and influence public policy while preserving our uniquely warm and connected culture. We champion “passionately non-partisan” discussion between diverse perspectives.

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