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As of July 1, the Child Care Surveys are now closed so that we can tabulate the results and begin to use the information to make some real changes. We had a phenomenal response from the community on this topic.

Please contact us at the Bend Chamber… 541-382-3221 or… to share your opinion with us on the subject.

Your feedback is very important to us!

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  1. Janet Molina says:

    I have not taken the survey now has anyone else used this computer to take the survey yet it says that I have already taken it.

    1. Garrett Jaenicke says:

      Hello, Janet. Try clearing the cache for the browser you’re using, or try a different browser. According to the “techies,” these are the most common solutions to the issue.

  2. Mellisa says:

    I’m getting that same error unfortunately.

  3. Trista says:

    Why is the survey only for people who are employed? I have a college degree, however due to the high cost of child care in Central Oregon I would be working only to pay for my child to go to daycare. At this point I am staying home until my last child goes into kindergarten because child care in our area is not affordable.

    1. Garrett Jaenicke says:

      Hello, Trista!

      The surveys aren’t intended to exclude folks who are unemployed, but seeks get the perspectives of employees and employers. Apologies if it appears that way. Sounds like you would fit into the employee category? If so, feel free to take that survey. Most of the questions have an “other” option for a response where you can provide your feedback. Clearly, the affordability of child care is a barrier to you entering the workforce and providing your skills and talents to help a local business thrive. That’s what we’re wanting to know more about as we’re looking at this from an economic and business perspective.

  4. Hammond says:

    Why are couples having children if they can’t find and/or afford childcare? The decision to have a child should include taking a good long look at your budget. That is a question that should’ve been included in your survey: Do couples who want to have children consider the financial implications? Did they think about childcare BEFORE having a child? Or BEFORE relocating to Bend?

  5. Amber says:

    It says i took the survey already…i have not

    1. Garrett Jaenicke says:

      Hey Amber. The only systematic restriction on the survey is that it won’t accept multiple submissions from the same computer. I’ve turned that restriction off so try it again.

  6. Patricia Hutchens says:

    Why doesn’t the local college have a child development program with low cost child care. Wouldn’t it solve two problems. Students – 1. Possible future employment. Moms & Dads – 2. Good/safe child care at a reasonable cost.

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