Announcing the launch of “” is the centralized hub for all things related to relocating to Bend, Oregon. With the increased popularity of Bend and Central Oregon and the city’s rapid growth, Moving To Bend was designed by locals to help welcome you to the place we call “home.” Our sole purpose is to provide a solid foundation of information in one place, making your move to Bend easier and less overwhelming. Gone are the days spending hours searching various websites to find answers to your relocation questions. Whether it’s learning about the multitude of schools in the Bend-LaPine School District, becoming familiar with different neighborhoods or just simply looking for a local referral, Moving To Bend is where you will find it all!

Moving To Bend is a valuable resource for those moving here and for residents currently residing in Bend. Aside from providing information about the schools, neighborhoods, work culture and recreation, our goal was to create a way for both current and future residents to connect with trusted, local businesses. Therefore, we included a Referral section on Moving To Bend, exclusively for Bend Chamber Members, to give them more exposure. And, as a thank you for your support, the Bend Chamber has included all of its Members in the Referral section of the website through the rest of 2019!


If you have any questions about the site or would like to inquire about advertising on Moving To Bend  please contact us and we would be happy to help you.


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  1. John says:

    It is too bad the website was developed by an agency in Hawaii when there are so many talented digital agencies and web designers here in Bend. There might be reasons beyond my understanding, but isn’t the mission of the Bend Chamber to support/sponsor businesses in Bend?

    1. Garrett Jaenicke says:

      Hi, John. The site is owned, operated and maintained by a private company, MovingToBend, and the Chamber was not involved in the selection of the site developer. You can contact MovingToBend at for that conversation. In terms of supporting the Bend business community, our primary obligation is to our member businesses as we are a member-driven organization and the dues contributed by said members fund our activities and abilities to serve the broader business community. The major way we serve the broader business community is through our robust advocacy efforts at the federal, state, county and city levels. Members and non-dues paying businesses alike reap the benefits of our advocacy efforts. Both MovingToBend and the site developer are members of the Bend Chamber and are contributing to the success of the broader business community. The site itself looks out for Chamber members in that only Chamber members are able to advertise on the site or be listed in the Referral Guide.

  2. Michelle Hart says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you Bend Chamber!

  3. Anne says:

    Can you clarify who owns this site.. moving to bend?
    city of bend
    chamber of commerce
    visit bend

    what organization receives the advertising $
    are the ads only on the website?

    1. Garrett Jaenicke says:

      Hi, Anne.

      Actually, the site is owned by MovingToBend, a private LLC, and currently receive the advertising revenue. Yes, the ads only run on the site… if that answers your last question.

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