Election Series: Moseley & Knight


On Sept. 19, Bill Moseley and current Bend City Councilor Doug Knight had the opportunity to showcase their differences – especially when it came to Measure 97.

“I’m dead set against 97. I think it’s going to harm families in our state,” said Moseley. “It’s actually going to hurt jobs. It’s going to cause working people to have a tax after a tax, 3 percent added and added and added down the stream. It’s going to increase the cost of living when it’s already very high. And then beyond that, I just don’t trust Salem. I don’t trust them to make good use with our money. I think that this is an effort to channel and solve problems with PERS and I just don’t think it’s the right way to solve that problem.”

Knight said he couldn’t disagree more.

“This is a tax on businesses who have revenue over $25 million and that’s not going to hurt a small business,” Knight said. “Right now Oregon has the second lowest, ranking number 49, in terms of corporate income tax. Measure 97 attempts to correct that.”

The Bend Chamber created a forum where diverse options and views could be aired, said Bend City Councilor Casey Roats. The attendees at the What’s Brewing event really walked away with a good sense of what the different candidates are like.

“I thought it was an excellent format because it really allowed the different candidates to find the differences in each other’s policy approaches, which is good, because as a growing community we certainly need differentiating opinions and we need strong and new ideas,” Roats said.

Because the Bend Chamber has a very wide and diverse membership, the questions asked, reflected very different viewpoints, he added.

Be sure to check the websites of Central Oregon Daily and COTV for both the recap and a full version of the debate.



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