CITY COUNCIL || Council Discusses Censuring Proceedings Against Boddie

City Council Recap, October 3
Courtesy: Tor Hanson, Bend Chamber Special Projects Reporter

In response to the recent debacle involving Councilor Boddie alleged sexual harassment, city council decided unanimously to approve a resolution calling for yearly harassment training at their September 5 meeting. The issue was approved unanimously (Boddie also approved the resolution).

The issue of what the council can and cannot do when it comes to reprimanding Councilor Boddie is still hitting a raw nerve. During the Council Actions and Reports at their September 19 meeting, Councilor Campbell questioned city attorney Winters what it would take for the council to censure Boddie for the alleged infraction stemming back several years.

At the first meeting in October, Campbell sought to persuade her fellow council members to bring up the topic at their October 17 meeting. As per council meeting rules, the first meeting of the month is an opportunity for city councilors to suggest topics for further discussion.

“I believe Councilor Boddie’s conduct towards a citizen two months ago was the conduct that we should review with regards to censure,” said Campbell, and added “It talks in our rules to be respectful to people who come before council.”

Campbell likened the council’s role in this matter to an HR department.

“For most businesses, that kind of a problem is dealt with by an HR department. Our only boss is the voters. I just have come to think of us as, maybe that is our role; we are the HR Department,” said Campbell.

Adding to the potential infractions of the councilor, Campbell brought up the issue of Boddie blocking certain people from his social media accounts, an offense according to the official council rules adopted last year.

After Campbell’s presentation, Mayor Roats asked his fellow council members for comments. Councilors Russell, Abernethy, and Moseley voiced their opinion in favor of Councilor Campbell’s suggestion.

Generally in favor of the discussions, Councilor Moseley asked City Attorney Mary Winters to clarify how the proceedings would play out, to which she explained it would be in the form of a motion with a public reprimand. Winters will work with Campbell to come up with such a language.

In closing, Winters agreed with comments from the councilors that Councilor Boddie should be given the opportunity to respond before the motion was voted on.

The motion will be presented at the council’s October 17 meeting during the Good of the Order portion of the council meeting, “whether Nathan Boddie is here or not,” according to Mayor Roats.

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  1. sean Coughlin says:

    to The City Council: GET OVER YOURSELVES!! do your job…you people ARE NOT THE social POLICE…fix THE road…lower THE COST TO PERMIT A house…stop with the B.S>…Jesus…HR Department …give me a break!

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