City of Bend Aspires to Become an Inclusive City

City Council Recap – March 7, 2018

Courtesy: Tor Hanson, Bend Chamber Special Projects Reporter

The City of Bend is aspiring to be one of the most inclusive cities in Oregon and the United States. At their March 7 meeting, City Councilors unanimously approved the resolution to boost Bend efforts to become an inclusive and welcoming city.

In June 2017, Councilors adopted Resolution (3068) declaring Bend to be an Inclusive and Welcoming city.

In June 2017, Councilors adopted Resolution (3068) declaring Bend to be an Inclusive and Welcoming city. The resolution declares Bend a welcoming community, treating all individuals with compassion and respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, place of origin, or citizenship status. The Council also acknowledges this environment enhances Bend’s cultural fabric, economic growth, global competitiveness and overall prosperity for current and future generations.

The Inclusive City resolution is a continuation of last summer’s effort and strengthens the city’s commitment to inclusivity as stated in the council’s 2017-2019 goals. The aim is for the City to engage with community leaders in identifying innovative ways to foster an inclusive and diverse community (Goal #5: Modernize and professionalize how City government operates).

Bend Chamber President Katy Brooks was one of the speakers in attendance who commended the City’s effort to become more inclusive, especially as it relates to creating a diverse work-force.

“The Bend Chamber of Commerce knows collaboration among the business community is key,” said Brooks

“The Bend Chamber of Commerce knows collaboration among the business community is key,” said Brooks, adding, “We recognize the importance of diversity in the business sector and the community as a whole. We have led with the Year of the Woman in Business and we will support the City’s effort to become an Inclusive City.”

Rane Stempson, a recognized leader in “Diversity & Inclusion” and founder of the Ranemaker Institute, who was key in initiating and coordinating the effort, spoke in support of the resolution. Additional supporters included Iman Simmon with St. Charles; Tim Riefke on behalf of the LGBT community; Bend teacher Taj Simmons; Erin Rook, Diversity Coordinator with OSU-Cascades; Adam Krynicki, with OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab; and Bend entrepreneur and resident Zilaida Salgueiro.

Video of the Inclusivity resolution can be found on the City of Bend website in the Government tab for City Council and on the Facebook Live Stream feed of Jamie Christman, EVP Govt . & Comm. Affairs, Facebook page.

Vote: 7-0

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  1. Sid Novella says:

    I am glad to hear the City is taking the lead on this. Diversity in a workplace or community simply means that people most of the time come different backgrounds, and by having people whom you find commonality with, it is easier for one to adjust or assimilate, feel welcome, and adapt to the environment, which in turn makes for a more cohesive community. This will also help companies retain talent in the area as well. I believe no matter your what your social or political lean may be, everybody wants to feel welcomed, and part of a community.

  2. Jennifer Clifton says:

    This is excellent news!

  3. Bill Gibson says:

    By “diversity and inclusion” I assume the council really means they want Bend to become a sanctuary city. Why not be honest about it.

    1. Oscar Gonzalez says:

      The language is clear and unambiguous…….”Inclusive and Welcoming……. The city of Bend is simply reaffirming it’s position of not accepting- HATE, BIGOTRY, &/or INTOLERANCE TO OTHERS.

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