Startups: Want to be Featured at the Bend Fall Festival? There’s Just 8 Spots, So Sign Up

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For the second year in a row, the Bend Fall Festival will feature a section of booths dedicated to local startups. Last year, several startups took the opportunity to show their products and concepts to the 40,000 people that flood downtown for the two-day event.

This year’s Bend Business Showcase will feature 8 startups. Jim Kone, the showcase organizer, is offering a booth to startup founders for $150 for the weekend, which is Oct. 5th through 7th. A canopy is providers. Founders just need to bring whatever they’d want to fill up a small booth.

The festival is a mix of arts, crafts, businesses and food vendors all filling up the downtown blocks. It’s very “fall” with caramel apples and kettle korn and beer. The latter is also very summer, winter and spring. But I digress.

If you’re interested in securing a spot at the festival, contact Jim at

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