Resources for Women in Business

If you’re a woman looking to start a business or already have one, here are some great resources to check out to help you on your road to success!


Early stage women’s entrepreneurial boot camp. (yep, co – not com)

Diversity & Leadership: Respect in the Workplace

Presented by Technology Association of Oregon, attendees of this workshop will understand and recognize the need to remember most employees have good intentions but there is a lack of awareness when your group is in dominance. It may result in unintentional harassment, bullying, hostile work environment and discrimination.

Leveraging the Benefits from Volunteering, for People and Companies

Whether you are looking for a new career and need to expand your network, looking to upskill for a new role, or most importantly just want to give back to the community in which you live, volunteering is good for you.

Leadership Bend

Become a community leader through the Chamber’s nine-month program focused on expanding awareness and understanding of the unique issues and opportunities facing Bend and our region.

Bend Young Professionals

Engaging, educating and empowering young professionals to become the future leaders of community and business across the region.

Opportunity Knocks

Peer-to-peer teams to help propel business and professional growth.

Women in STEAM

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

World Muse

Connect women to their own personal source of inspiration and help cultivate the necessary resources, tools, and networks to turn that inspiration into activation.

Connect W

Creating community through women in business. 

When women do the investing, more women get funded

You’re likely familiar with the gender pay gap. Well, there’s also a very real and very large gender investment gap when it comes to startup founders who receive funding. One of the proven ways to close this? Cultivate more women investors. Research shows that when women do the investing, more women get funded. For potential investors, yes it’s about making money. But it can also be about giving back in an innovative way. As an investor, you can:

  • Support a business that positively impacts our community or society or drives innovation that makes a difference in an area you care about.
  • Promote more women in leadership and create a business world that looks more representative of the real world.
  • Earn a potential financial return, which helps build wealth for you, your family and your community.

If you’re an accredited investor, nearly accredited (or wondering what accredited means), and interested in learning about investing in startups as an angel investor or via organized seed, angel and venture funds, then we’d love to meet. We’d like to form a group of women startup investors and supporters, provide education around the investment process and ultimately help more women get involved in this exciting, world-changing space. Your participation is confidential, and no commitment is required. It’s about learning. Email

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