OSCC Measure 97 – Oregon’s Corporate Tax Rate

By:  Alison Hart, executive director of the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce

Promoters of Measure 97’s tax often claim Oregon ranks “dead last” in corporate taxes. But as stated by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, that claim is simply: “Not true.” It’s a misleading manipulation of tax data that includes retail sales taxes – which Oregon does not have.

To that end, as I am sure you are receiving questions about this topic, I have included a resource for distribution to your members explaining Oregon’s Corporate Tax Rate. If Measure 97 were to pass, Oregon would have the highest tax on business sales in the country.

There are only two weeks left until Oregon voters begin receiving their ballots and voting on Measure 97’s proposed tax on sales of goods and services in Oregon. It is now more important than ever to get the word out in your community about the damaging and costly affects of Measure 97.

Key materials on Measure 97:

  1.  7 Reasons to Vote NO on Measure 97
  2. Business-to-employee, customer and vendor communications, such as bill and paycheck inserts and letters – all of which are designed to provide key facts in a way that is credible and respectful and that avoids being pushy
  3. Easy-to-customize emails and website content for getting the word out to employees or customers via the internet — Business to employee email/memo
  4. Business Window Signs
  5. Lunch or Break Room Postersmeasure-97-7-readons-1measure-97-7-readons-2

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