Central Oregon Economic Indicators – October 2019 Edition

BY: Kale Donnelly  //  Workforce Analyst  // Serving the East Cascades of Oregon

Pictured below and linked here is the October 2019 Edition of the Central Oregon Economic Indicators. Please keep in mind that the data presented is for September 2019. The data lags by one month due to the timeliness of employer reporting, as well as a checking of accuracy on our part.

Key takeaways from this month’s indicators are:

  • Central Oregon’s unemployment rates remained largely unchanged over the year. Both Deschutes and Jefferson counties’ rates remain the same as their September 2018 levels, while Crook County’s rate edged downward by two tenths of a percentage.
  • Deschutes and Crook Counties experience an increase in total nonfarm employment from their previous levels in September 2018, while Jefferson County’s total nonfarm employment levels remained the same.
  • This edition’s Graph of the Month:

The conversation about housing affordability (or a lack thereof) is nothing new in Oregon’s communities these last few years. Housing prices have been increasing, but what about two other integral factors such as interest rates and wages? It turns out that accounting for all three variables shows that housing is “more affordable” (in terms of borrowing) today than it was before the Great Recession. Interested in learning more? Contact Kale Donnelly, Workforce Analyst – Serving the East Cascades of Oregon // E:

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