Advertising During COVID Crisis

Central Oregon media have developed amazing opportunities to keep your brand in front of your customers through discounted, and even free, advertising. It is important to keep your business alive on the airwaves, amidst these times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever. Here is an overview of what our local media outlets have to offer local business owners.

  • Please submit your stories to us, here at the Bend Chamber, we want to hear what you have going on and share it with our business community. Send stories to We are especially interested in how you are dealing with COVID crisis, let us know your challenges and innovative business approaches you would like to share with the business community, we are in this together.


Bend Radio Group

  • “Pay What You Can” is a program that allows local businesses to get their messages out to the most listeners in Central Oregon at an amount that they determine.
  • These businesses can use our commercial inventory to message the community about their new safety protocols, new hours, contactless purchasing, or heck maybe even a regular old sale.
  • We’ll help you craft that message and campaign.  You pay whatever you can afford.
  • Anyone wants more information, they can email, or call/text (541)610-4300

BEND Magazine

We’re supporting our local business community by offering free listings in our Central Oregon Strong online directory, with links to social media or websites. We’re also willing to share unique efforts of your business on our social media page for up to a week, and we’re offering free issues of Bend Magazine or Bend Home + Design to interested businesses.




Cascade Business News

We’re always looking to highlight businesses, more now than ever. Please read our stories online and submit your stories to us!




Central Oregon Daily


We have already received hundreds of requests for advertising and we’re meeting the demand as quickly as we can.  It is as straightforward as can be.  Send us your commercial and we will air it for free.  Of course, we still have to accommodate our normal paid advertisers but we’re filling our unsold inventory with free commercials.  Because we own both the CBS and ABC affiliates and also oversee the advertising on 34 cable networks like Fox News, CNN, ESPN, etc., we have a massive amount of commercial inventory to put behind this effort.  By the end of April, the cumulative value of the airtime we’re donating will be close to $1 Million.  The business community supported us in bringing a better brand of local news to Central Oregon and we’re simply returning the favor.

For those businesses that do not have a commercial, we’re producing spots like this one free of charge:

There’s simply no reason not to do it.  When businesses are struggling, they need to worry about keeping the lights on and taking care of employees, not advertising.  We hope this will help them focus on getting through what will undoubtedly be the darkest days in the history of their businesses.

Learn more!


Combined Communications

We’re doing a buy one get one sale, which started about three weeks ago! Interested parties can visit any of our station sites or to have a rep assigned.

Here’s a message from all your favorite radio hosts on Combined Communications!



Horizon Broadcasting Group

We are listing all area businesses that are open on our community website – Get your business listed!

We have extended our first quarter pricing package for new clients – it is a substantial discount over regular rates around 50%. We usually include free spots as well depending on spending level.

For existing clients we are running a number of free spots!

We always offer FREE production of commercials, not just now, but anytime! Get in touch with Horizon Broadcasting Group to get your company message on the air.

CONTACT: Greg Larsen, Local Sales Manager for Horizon Broadcasting Group
(o) 541. 383.3825    –   (c) 541.279.9724



KTVZ News Channel 21

Open4Biz -Get Started Today! ALWAYS FREE!

Let your customers know you are open for business during the COVID-19 crisis. KTVZ News Channel 21 is offering this FREE service to all Central Oregon businesses as a community service during this time. Open4Biz has been hugely successful and over 400 businesses have registered on the site. KTVZ News Channel 21 will continue to look at opportunities to help local businesses.



The Source Weekly

If you own a business that is still open, we want to help. If you’ve run any online ads with us previously or have the resources to produce a web ad, we will run these ads for free on a dedicated page on  If you need assistance in creating an ad please email  If you have a restaurant that is still open for pickup or delivery, we want to include you in our Take Out Guide also at no charge.

Please any send all inquiries to We are all in this together, and together we will get thought this. Thank you for your support.

A note from the Source Weekly:

These past couple of weeks have proved to be incredibly difficult for everyone as we all try to make sense of the new restrictions on our former way of life. The disruption to the service industry, tourism, entertainment, events, retail and other businesses happened so quickly that we’ve all struggled to formulate a response, leaving many in economic limbo.

Here at the Source Weekly we want everyone to know that while the world is changing by the hour, our commitment to serving and helping the community has never been stronger.

We are not supported by big box stores or large corporations. We have always been the definition of “support local,” and we have been buoyed in our affairs by a community that has reciprocated in kind.  As we navigate our publication to online only at, we will continue to work on a broad array of stories, from covering this crisis, aiding restaurants in spreading the word about who is still open for takeout and ramping up for the coming election season—as well as reporting on the gems our movie critic is currently finding on Netflix.

Our success in navigating this crisis is tied to the success we experience in pulling together for the common good, in helping those who otherwise cannot help themselves at this time. The virus will soon pass, but the way in which we behave toward one another, and the good we do at this time, will remain. It’s always been that way; it just took something like this to remind of us of how connected we all truly are.

~ Your friends at the Source Weekly.


The Bulletin


Central Oregon adults are looking to The Bulletin, especially now, for local news and updates during these turbulent times. We are offering Free advertising in GO! Magazine and to local retailers and restaurants. Free ad size is 3.458″w x 3″ H. Design is free as well.  See our special Covid-19 rate card for additional programs and specials with free design on everything. Contact us today and let us help you get your message out.

For additional information please contact: Debbie Coffman, Sales Manager or 541-383-0384


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