Pursue ‘Entrepreneurial Excellence’ in Redmond

‘Entrepreneurial Excellence’ classes through COCC’s Business Administration Department are designed for students and community members who want to bring a business from idea to launch. Join the 2016 Redmond courses via your Small Business Development Center to better build your business or simply for the enjoyment of learning entrepreneurial skills. Class sizes are limited, so register now! Call 541-383-7290, email or register online.


Strategic Management 

Explore and apply tested strategies to build a successful small business. What does it take to establish the appropriate infrastructure, focus and talent necessary to navigate the hurdles that face new ventures? Topics include business strategy, organizational structure, recruiting, operations & logistics, value chain management, critical path management and leveraging core competencies.

Dates: Monday and Wednesdays, Jan. 4 – Feb. 8

Time: 4-5:40 p.m.

CRN: 18625   Cost: $182


Entrepreneurial Finance 

‘Cash is king.’ Lay the groundwork for understanding and establishing the fundamentals of entrepreneurial accounting and finance in your business venture. Learn how to read a financial report and manage profits and cash flow. Topics include start-up costs, raising capital, investment and growth decisions, access to capital and forecasting and budgeting.

Required text: Writing A Convincing Business Plan.

Dates: Tuesday and Thursdays, Jan. 5 – Feb. 4

Time: 4-5:40 p.m.

CRN: 18626   Cost: $182


Crash Course in Creativity 

Apply your creativity to your business venture. Reawaken your imagination, sense of wonder and the insatiable curiosity of childhood. Some argue that creativity cannot be learned, but it can certainly be tapped. This course is hands-on and activity-based.

Dates: Monday and Wednesdays, Jan. 4 – Feb. 8

Time: 10:15 -11:55 a.m.

CRN: 18627   Cost: $182


Innovation & Design Thinking 

Learn about the practical application of ‘Design Thinking,’ a robust methodology for innovation. Explore ‘Human Centered Design’ through a series of design challenges, and develop critical thinking skills via a structured approach to generating and evolving ideas. This course is hands-on and activity-based.

Dates: Tuesday and Thursdays, Jan.  5 – Feb. 9

Time: 10:15 -11:55 a.m.

CRN: 18628   Cost: $182

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