Pacific Power shares ways to save energy this summer

Pacific Power recommends these steps to help you lower your utility bills during summer and all year long:

Set energy-saving goals. First, measure your current energy use against industry standards. This will help you locate opportunities to improve efficiency and set energy-saving goals. Use Pacific Power’s Resource Advisor benchmarking tool with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to compare your energy consumption.

Inspect your cooling system. Hire a qualified professional to inspect your air conditioning system, and perform regular maintenance to ensure efficient operation.

Adjust cooling equipment to occupancy schedules. Adjusting thermostat settings when your building is unoccupied is a highly effective, no-cost way to save energy. For every degree increase in temperature over a 12-hour period, you can save 1.5 percent in cooling energy costs.

Reduce peak demand. Peak demand is your most energy-intensive period during the billing cycle. You’re charged for peak demand because it costs more money to make that extra power available. To reduce peak demand:

  • Set daytime building temperature higher to reduce cooling demand and allow employees to wear appropriate clothing to ensure comfort.
  • Schedule equipment start up and operation in intervals by using an energy management system.

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