Murphy Road and Parrell Road roundabout opens

The new roundabout at Murphy Road and Parrell opened July 28 at 4 p.m.

“This improves the safety of Bend’s transportation system and provides better east-west connectivity for all modes of travel,” said City Engineer Ryan Oster, the project manager.

Between 2007 and 2015, there were 16 reported crashes at the intersection, eight of which involved an injury.

Roundabouts have fewer conflict points in comparison to conventional intersections. Data has shown reduced crashes at intersections in Bend after they became roundabouts as a result of a voter-approved General Obligation bond.

The Murphy-Parrell roundabout is Bend’s seventh new roundabout in the last four years, and it brings the total roundabout count in the City to 32.

The Murphy-Parrell roundabout also completes a corridor that connects Brookswood Boulevard in the west to Brosterhous Road in the east.

“This link provides a new transportation alternative for those who live down south, making local businesses, schools, parks and trails closer for everyone whether they are walking, biking or driving,” said Transportation Engineer Robin Lewis, who works on active transportation projects for the City. “This intersection now has safety islands to make it safer and easier to cross the street. And, with new sidewalks and curb ramps it is fully ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.”

This is an important intersection improvement for the fire department, being closely located to Bend’s southeast fire station.

“This intersection is a key component of our rapid response to a large part of our service area,” said Bend Fire Chief Larry Langston. “The roundabout, along with other transportation system improvements, will allow our crews to access Highway 97 and Third Street with little, if any, delay, and will make our response as efficient as possible.”

The roundabout was completed a month ahead of schedule and is within its allocated $2 million budget. That includes $1.5 million for the actual roundabout and $500,000 for the associated sewer line work.

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