First ever free spay/ neuter and rabies vaccination clinic for dogs on the Warm Springs Reservation

On Sept. 6, Bend Spay and Neuter Project will host the first ever free spay/ neuter and rabies vaccination clinic for dogs on the Warm Springs Reservation.  The clinic will be held at the new community center in the Greeley Heights neighborhood. Patients will be taken on a first come, first served basis beginning at 7:30 a.m. with a maximum of 40 patients per clinic. Bend Spay and Neuter Project hopes to continue to provide free spay and neuter for dogs in Warm Springs on the first Tuesday of each month on an ongoing basis.

Funding for spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations is being provided by The Daisy Fund, an endowment left by a generous donor who lived near the Warm Springs Reservation for many years, and who witnessed the suffering of many homeless dogs there.  Dr. Byron Maas of Bend Veterinary Clinic says he’s been waiting for this for a very long time. “Having a clinic to address the overpopulation problem and to help the community of Warm Springs has been a dream of mine for many years. I am thrilled to hear this wonderful news, and look forward to helping make this program a long term success.”

Megan Gram, executive director of Bend Spay and Neuter Project, says that the situation for dogs in Warm Springs is dire and has been for many years. “Due to a complete lack of resources to prevent overpopulation, and there simply not being enough homes for them all, many dogs are left to fend for themselves. The Community of Warm Springs has been gracious enough to allow our organization to come in and provide services there, which will not only help the dogs but will also provide a humane option for community members to have a hand in controlling the overpopulation problem. Local rescuers and shelters have done what they can to help, and we will continue to use them as a resource, but prevention is key. A regularly occurring free sterilization program coupled with education programs are the only way that we can hope to solve the devastating situation that currently exists right in our own backyard.”

Bend Spay and Neuter Project plans to work with local shelters and rescues to find homes for dogs in need. They are also requesting assistance from our local veterinary community in the form of volunteer time, equipment and supplies for monthly clinics. Although primary funding is available for monthly clinics, more donations are needed to help provide additional medical care for dogs in need, and to eventually expand the program to include free spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations for cats, as well as to create new programs such as humane education and dog training classes to ensure a lasting impact on the community and it’s children.

Donations to the Warm Springs Project and general donations can be made by visiting the Bend Spay and Neuter Project website at and clicking the “Donate Today” button, or by calling 541-617-1010 or by sending a check directly to Bend Spay and Neuter Project at 910 SE Wilson A-1 97702.

Bend Spay and Neuter Project offers affordable, preventative veterinary care to animals at risk of suffering in Central Oregon in order to create a more humane community for us all.  To learn more about BSNP’s programs or to volunteer or make a donation, please contact or call 541-617-1010.


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