Fireside offers large selection of contemporary fireplaces

Today’s fireplaces are breaking out of their traditional brick-and-mortar mold, and breaking down the stereotype of not being eco-friendly. The new face of fireplaces combines contemporary design with innovative technology that provides an eco-friendly heating solution for today’s homeowner.

Bend contractor Greg Welch, the owner of Greg Welch Construction, is known for building energy-efficient homes that exceed Energy Star and Earth Advantage specifications. Welch states fireplaces are included in 100 percent of their homes, which underscores the extent to which fireplaces have evolved in recent years.

“A fireplace can increase the value of the average home by 10 percent,” Welch said. No longer do you have to sacrifice form for function…let’s take a look at some of Fireside’s eco-friendly fireplaces:

Wood Fireplace:

Valcourt “FP11 Frontenac”

  • Qualifies for Phase II of the EPA voluntary Low Mass Fireplace program.
  • Particulate emissions below 5.1 g/kg (approx. 70% cleaner than the traditional wood-burning fireplace).
  • Valcourt’s largest model, featuring a retractable “guillotine” ceramic glass door to provide that traditional hearth-side ambiance.

Gas Fireplace:

Heatilator “Crave 48”

  • •State-of-the-art ventilation technology brings fresh air in and combustionby products out.
  • •FreshAir Fireplace technology reduces moisture levels in your home to prevent mold and mildew.
  •  Venting technology allows you to redirect up to 50% of the heat to another room/area.

Pellet Insert:

Quadra-Fire “Santa Fe”

  •  EPA certified low emission levels of just 1.8 grams/hr.
  •  Fueled by wood pellets – a renewable green energy source made from recycled sawdust & wood shavings.
  • Low moisture content in wood pellets maximizes heating efficiency.
  • Produces so little smoke & pollution that it surpasses EPA’s clean air standards.

A growing number of fireplaces not only meet, but exceed, the EPA’s clean-burning fireplace guidelines. These eco-friendly fireplaces not only provide ambiance & warmth – but contribute significantly to the value of your home. Learn more at:



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