Fire danger: extreme

Due to hot and dry weather conditions and the low amount of live fuel moisture, Bend Fire & Rescue and other area fire departments have increased the level of fire danger to EXTREME. Fires under extreme conditions begin and spread quickly and burn intensely, and the potential for a small fire to grow into a large and destructive wildfire is high. Fire danger signs throughout Central Oregon will reflect this change.

To prevent human caused fires, use extreme caution with sources of fire:

  • All backyard debris burning, commercial burning and agricultural burning is prohibited within city limits of Bend and Deschutes County Rural Fire District #2 and will strictly be enforced.  A violation for open burning is punishable by a Class B civil infraction citation, with a fine amount of $522 in the city, and a Class A Infraction of $500 in the fire district. Citations will be issued on the first offense during Extreme Fire Danger conditions.
  • Warming fires, campfires and cooking fires are allowed in the Bend area, when used within the guidelines set forth in the Bend Fire Department Burning Regulations. These are available at any Bend fire station or at
  • Dispose of cigarettes in a non-combustible container, and take care not to discard them carelessly outside in vegetation or decorative bark mulch. Brush fires can spread very rapidly in a short amount of time. Cigarette fires are one of the leading causes of fire in Bend.
  • Keep lighters and matches away from children.
  • Before lighting any fire (campfires included), check with your local fire department or forest protection office to determine specific closures and regulations related to fire. In Bend you can call 541-322-6335 for information on what is allowed and not allowed each day.

Other Fire Agency Requirements and Regulations: the closures and fines above are for Bend Fire & Rescue. If you live or are traveling to other areas, please contact the local fire agency before lighting any fire.

Be prepared for wildfire season: Be sure your home has a good defensible space built around it. The loss of most homes from wildfire can be prevented by attention to many small details of flammable fuels removal, such as cleaning gutters, cutting dry grass, etc. Residents are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their safety by contacting 541-322-6309 for free property and home risk assessments. Taking time in the fall, winter and spring to build your defensible space can reduce this risk during extreme fire danger times like these. Find more info on what you can do to prepare your home here:

Emergency notifications: Have you registered your cell phone with Deschutes County 911 so you will get emergency alerts for your home? Go to this website to find out more:


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