Bend Escape Room date night

Are you trying to plan your first date? Your 50th date? Of course, you want to do something unique, different, and memorable, right? Right.

If you want your first date to turn into a second date, or your 50th to end with a smile instead of a smirk, you’ll want to do something fun that is not just another Friday at the movies or bowling alley. You could book a room…at your local Bend Escape Room!

You probably thought we were going to say book a hotel room. Of course, you can absolutely do that, but before seeking out somewhere romantic to sleep, Bend Escape Room makes for a GREAT date night!

Why would it make a great date night? You learn how to work together to problem solve. Even if you have been with your partner for a short time or long time, problem solving towards the same solution can be rewarding and eye-opening. You get to collaborate together and learn how each other works through tough situations, like solving riddles or putting clues together in our Escape Room.

You’ll discover what kind of team player you are. Are you a thinker or doer? Do you dive in and begin sifting through drawers, grabbing at the items in the room? Or, do you pause and strike the “thinker pose,” with your hand on your chin, and try to mentally put all the clues together? Both of these types of team players are crucial to figuring out our Escape Rooms.

You have something awesome to talk about on the way home. Have you ever been on a date where the ride home is quiet because you don’t know what to talk about? This is definitely not an issue after a night at our Escape Room. You will talk about it for days after – maybe even weeks!

If you are able to solve our Escape Room during a first date, you might even get lucky and have a second date…to solve a second Escape Room. Bend Escape Room has two Escapes to play. You and your date will want to solve all of them after you experience the first.

What are you waiting for? Find a date, book a room and see where the night takes you!


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