Bend Chamber and Bend City Council want YOUR input on the hot-off-the press climate action resolution

The topic of a local climate action plan resurfaced Wednesday night during the Council Action and Reports in the form of a draft resolution.

Now, it’s up to members of the business community and others to weigh in. Anyone with strong feelings as well as actual costs and impacts, positive or negative, is encouraged to contact Bend City Council directly at and include the Bend Chamber at  DUE before July 20.

During the May 18 work session, councilors were presented with two ordinances scheduled for a June 1 reading. However, several councilors and many stakeholders in the business community, felt an ordinance was premature and too heavy handed. There was also concern that the community wasn’t properly engaged in the process.

Council decided to slow down. A subcommittee was created to form a draft resolution. Councilor Doug Knight said the new draft resolution, which describes specific goals as well as a process for action, will open the dialogue he’s been wanting. Other councilors agreed, stating they would like specific input from members of the business community. A special session to hear from the community on the issue of the resolution has been scheduled for July 21 at 4:30 p.m. Stakeholders from the business community are strongly encouraged to attend this session.

For more background on the climate resolution, check out the article “It’s not easy being green” in the Bend Chamber Bend Business Journal:


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  1. Jack Cornell says:

    Stop trying to mimic Portland and the highly erroneous theory of global warming. Spend tax dollars on the streets instead of searching for more ways to waste tax dollars. The little used public transit system needs some oversight and city government in general needs an overhaul. Lets work towards keeping Central Oregon affordable to actually live and work here, not just a nice place to visit…….If you want to be like Portland then move there.

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