Be prepared for winter weather

Before the storm season hits, Pacific Power prepares equipment and crews so they can get power back on as quickly and safely as possible if there’s an outage. Make sure your business is ready in case of an unexpected power outage.

Tips to help you prepare

  • Mark the location of electrical supply panels and note how to turn off power.
  • Label equipment power switches to find them more easily during an outage.
  • Plug computers into surge protectors and install automatic backup programs.
  • If you use a cash register, have a calculator or non-electrical option on hand.
  • Consider buying and installing a backup generator for critical equipment.
  • Keep emergency lighting in working order.
  • Put together an outage kit with flashlights, radios, food and water.


What to do in an outage

To report an outage or receive an outage update, call toll free at 1-877-508-5088. Stay away from any downed power lines – call 911 immediately. You can also report outages and check restoration status on Pacific Power’s website or through the utility’s free mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Download the Pacific Power app on the App Store or Google Play.

Stay connected

Social networks are a reliable and quick way to get news and communicate during a power outage or emergency. Follow Pacific Power on Twitter, @PacificPower_OR, and on for large or extended outage updates.

Getting your power back

Safety is the top consideration in an outage. Once downed lines are cleared, crews repair transmission and distribution lines to get power on for the majority of customers. Then repairs are made to energize individual homes and businesses.

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