A Swig of Branding offers timeless marketing advice

A Swig of Branding is a unique new, must-have marketing resource created by Intrepid Marketing of Bend, Oregon that shares powerful big agency wisdom and “timeless tips” to lead businesses to a higher level of marketing success—without having to pay expensive agency fees to get in the know.

“Business owners and marketing professionals need substance, relevant content and a firm strategic foundation,” says SWIG Host and Creative Director, Kelly Walker. “People are hungry for solid advice they can trust to help them navigate the ever-more-complicated world of marketing with a clear view to what will bring results and what experience has shown will fail.”

“With so many blogs and how-to videos cluttering cyberspace, business owners struggle with identifying the best marketing decisions for growth,” says Walker. “Knowing the mechanics of the latest marketing tool is not enough to engage your audience and build the brand loyalty that leads people to buy from you. What’s been missing is the voice of wisdom, a big picture approach that pulls it all together so your marketing makes sense.”

The SWIG Lounge equips business owners and marketing professionals to comprehensively market their organization at a higher level. Entertaining weekly content delivered in the style of the classic “Mad Men” era will cover just about every aspect of marketing and branding from traditional to 21st Century digital. The SWIG Lounge subscription costs $30 a month, which Walker says is a small investment that will pay off big for SWIG members.

“To put it plainly, we are helping people make more money by marketing smarter and avoiding common marketing mistakesso they understand not just what to do, but why they’re doing it. Those who understand and apply time-tested, core marketing principles are going to do more and better business.”

Visit to sign up for SWIG Lounge premium content, delivered via a weekly video show and written lessons. The site also posts shorter free weekly blogs.


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