Vote Yes on Measure 9-135

Vote Yes on Measure 9-135

The Bend Chamber supports Measure 9-135. As Bend grows, we need to plan carefully to protect our quality of life and improve our economy. We need to preserve the vitality of our neighborhoods, increase street safety, and help local businesses thrive. Measure 9-135 has support from hundreds of neighborhood leaders, environmental groups, local businesses, parents, teachers, seniors, and essential workers. Here are some of the benefits of and reasons to vote yes on Measure 9-135:

·         Increasing Safety : The Bond will fill in sidewalk gaps, create safer street crossings, and a new

network of sidewalks, bike lanes, and bus pull-outs.

·         Improving Traffic Flow : The Bond will fix dozens of intersections to reduce bottlenecks, build a bridge at the Reed Market railroad crossing, and improve traffic signals for better traffic flow.

·         Improving East-West Connectivity : The Bond will increase east west connectivity by building new links between existing roads.

·         Strong Accountability and Broad Support : The Bond was crafted with over two years of

collaboration by citizens and community leaders. A citizen oversight committee will track the city’s progress and report to the community over the 10-year construction period.

·         Create Jobs : The Bond will create jobs at a time when Bend’s local economy needs the support. This measure will be key to getting Bend’s economy moving again.

·         Delayed payments until 2022 : Delaying the Bond allows time for the economy to recover and

unemployment to improve while the City uses that time to prepare to begin work. Property owners will not see a tax increase until fall of 2022, with the first payments starting at about a nickel a day.


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