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Members On

“Members On” features news about members in our monthly Bend Chamber Business Journal

What should you report? Any form of business news with the exception of advertising.

• Special Events
• New Phone Numbers
• Address Changes
• New Employees
• Awards & Recognition
• Expansions – Relocations
• New Services
• Special Training
• Personnel Promotions
• Announcements

What’s the Cost? FREE! It’s provided as a benefit of Chamber membership

When is the Deadline? The 10th of the month prior to publication (i.e. April 10th for the May Bend Chamber Business Journal)

Can you submit a Press Release instead? We receive 80-100 items each month therefore we need to streamline the process. Press releases need to be shortened to 75-words. Since you are the best judge of the truly important elements that need to be included, please take a few moments to condense the information so that it can be included in our column. Press releases that are not shortened to 75-words will not be included.

Remember to include: Who? What? Where? Why? When? and How?

All Members On submissions should be sent to Courtney at courtney@bendchamber.org

Member E-Blast

This new Bend Chamber program is available for members who would like the Chamber to send an email blast out to 3,000 Chamber members regarding an event or specials. We limit the emails to one member per week. The charge is $250.

Why Chamber Member-to-Member eBlast?

• Puts you in members’ inboxes more accurately than regular email
• It’s quick…faster response
• You’ll avoid spam filters
• Be seen by more people
• Stay top of mind with people who want to hear from you
• Saves on paper and postage

How it works?

• Call the Sales Department at 541-382-3221 to reserve your week
• Create an pdf, tif, jpg, png, or gif and email the file or image URL to sales@bendchamber.org with a copy to stephanie@bendchamber.org  a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your scheduled week
• If you would like the Chamber to create your content, allow 4 weeks’ notice. Please send us an exact layout and your logo in an email attachment. An additional charge of $50 which includes one proof with minimal changes will apply. (Additional fees may apply with major changes to the first proof)
• Give us a suggestion of what you would like your subject line to read

About the content?

• Share good content that will make a connection
• Special events
• Available meeting space at a special rate
• Special pricing/discount
• Be sure to include your contact information and website address

The Chamber reserves the right to edit the subject line or to reject your content for an event promotion that conflicts with one of the Chamber’s events, for political content or inappropriate material.

For more information, contact the Sales Team at 382-3221, sales@bendchamber.org

Relocation/Visitor Insert Program

The Bend Chamber sends out Relocation/Visitor Packets each month to potential new residents and people who plan to visit the area. The Chamber can include your brochure or flyer in these packets each month. All you have to do is bring us 2500 brochures or flyers to get started!

The cost to participate in the Insert Program:
• $25 per month, payable quarterly in advance.

Relocation/Visitor Program Title Sponsorship
• The cost for the Title Sponsorship is: $500 per quarter

Title Sponsorship includes the following benefits:
• Your business flyer in first position in the packet
• Your brochure included in the packet
• Your business card attached inside the packet
• Your logo on the Bend Chamber’s Relocation or Visitor webpage
• Your logo included in the Sponsor Brochure and sponsorship flyer

Relocation/Visitor Program Postage Sponsorship
• The cost for the Postage Sponsorship is: $250 per month

Postage Sponsorship includes the following benefits:
• A label with your logo placed on the outside of the 9×12 Priority  Mail envelope
• Your brochure included in the packet
• Your logo on the Bend Chamber’s Move to Bend webpages
• Your logo on the online relocation/visitor ordering page
• Your one-minute video placed on the Bend Chamber’s Moved to Bend webpage
• Rectangle Ad (300 x 250 pixels) placed on the Bend Chamber’s Move to Bend webpage

For more information, contact the Sales Team at 382-3221, sales@bendchamber.org

Member Focus

Member Focus is a monthly electronic newsletter, which is sent to over 2,200 individuals each month representing over 1,200 different member businesses.

Title Sponsor ~ $1 ,500/year

Title Sponsorship for the Member Focus (12 issues) will receive the following:
• Your banner prominently displayed on the top of each Member Focus with a link to your Web site (550w x 80h pixels)
• Sidebar Ad (linked to your Web site) on every monthly issue a $420 value (175 x 175 pixels)
• Your company article in first position each month in the Member Column section
• Logo placed on the marketing opportunity flyer
• Logo placed in marketing brochure
• Your banner displayed on the past publications page on the Chamber’s Web site.


Chamber Weekly and Member Focus Side Bar Ad

Market to over 2,200 people each week or month on the sidebar of the Chamber Weekly and/or Member Focus.

Price: Chamber Weekly – $35/week | Member Focus – $35/month

For more information, contact the Sales Team at 382-3221, sales@bendchamber.org