What’s Brewing: City & County Address

Come with questions and leave with answers at the upcoming special What’s Brewing: City & County Address.

“This is an opportunity to put the puzzle pieces together and understand how your local government works to serve you, the accomplishments that have been achieved over the past year and challenges that lie ahead and what role the business community can play to engage and move Bend forward,” said panelist and Bend City Manager Eric King.

During the June 7 event, taking place at the Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room, attendees will get the inside scoop on topics including budgets, taxes and the accountability of our local officials. Plus, special guest Deschutes County Commissioner Tammy Baney will present her famous “Top Ten.”

“The Bend Chamber believes it’s our civic responsibility to provide an educational update on the state of our city and county,” said Bend Chamber Senior Vice President of Programs and Events, Robin Rogers. “Both municipalities have a large impact on our quality of life, so it’s important for the community as a whole, to have access to these leaders.”

King said his presentation will focus on city finances, basic services and accomplishments this past year, as well as how the city is managing growth.  Additional details will include updates on the future of Bend’s roads, the path toward approval of the Urban Growth Boundary and how it will address issues like affordable housing, efficient use of infrastructure and improved balance in our neighborhoods throughout the city. There will also be an in-depth overview of how government services are funded and prioritized among many competing needs.

King said he’s excited for the opportunity to demystify how local government works, from the governance structure, to finances and the infrastructure investments needed to ensure Bend can plan for and manage the increased tension and opportunities that come with growth.

“I am hopeful that the business community can use the information presented at the State of the City in making informed decision on how and where to engage with their local government on issues that matter most to ensure their business can thrive in Bend,” King said.

Panelist and Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone said he’s looking forward to sharing this year’s goals and priorities of Deschutes County with his fellow chamber members.

“This is the beginning of the summer season and it feels like everything is really taking off in Central Oregon,” DeBone said.

Sally Russell, City of Bend Mayor pro TEM
Eric King, City Manager

Alan Unger, Deschutes County Board of Commissioners Chairman
Tom Anderson, Deschutes County Administrator
Tony DeBone, Deschutes County Commissioner

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