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Bend Chamber What’s Brewing: City & County Address recap

By Rachael Rees van den Berg - Posted June 24, 2016

From economic development and public safety opportunities, to infrastructure and environment challenges, the audience at the Bend Chamber What’s Brewing: City & Country Address had a multitude of takeaways on June 7.

“The Bend Chamber believes it’s our civic responsibility to provide an educational update on the state of our city and county,” said Bend Chamber Senior Vice President of Programs and Events Robin Rogers about the special event sponsored by Mid Oregon Credit Union. “Both municipalities have a large impact on our quality of life, so it’s important for the community as a whole, to have access to these leaders.”


Bend Chamber board opposes IP28

The board of the Bend Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously June 21st to issue a statement confirming its opposition to Initiative Petition 28 (IP28), a proposal for a $6 billion tax increase per biennium that will be on the November ballot, the largest in the history of the state of Oregon. “The Bend Chamber board expressed its concern that businesses would be forced to pay the tax regardless of whether they make a large or small profit, or no profit at all.” said Bend Chamber Board Director Jeff Robberson. “The board is worried that increased costs to our small businesses under this huge new tax would potentially force hundreds of local businesses to raise prices, cut jobs or both. This is a tax on gross receipts not net profits.” READ MORE...

 Advocating for small business is essential to maintain and enhance the life style of Bend. The Bend Chamber Board of Directors, made up of 16 representatives that meet monthly,  works hard to represent its constituents, the Bend Chamber membership.

Our Mission:

The Bend Chamber is a vital strategic partner creating resources and opportunities for member success, quality of life, engagement and meaningful impact.

Our Vision:

The vision of the Bend Chamber is to gather, equip and mobilize our business community to drive a prosperous economy and unmatched quality of life.