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Salute to Commerce August Winner:

Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management

By Rachael Rees van den Berg | Bend Chamber
Troy Reinhart began investing in Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management at age 18. Since that investment, he has continued the systematic accumulation of wealth. Today, Reinhart is helping people do the same, as partner of the full service, independent financial planning and investment advisory firm headquartered in Bend. “We are wealth managers. We help people accumulate, and in retirement, distribute their wealth so they can live on it,” Reinhart said. Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management essentially serves as a behavioral therapist for people so they don’t do the wrong thing at the wrong time, he said. “In Bend in particular, and the nation in general, 99 percent of people have the intellectual capacity to manage their money and accumulate wealth,” he said. “But, 99 percent people don’t have the emotional capacity to do that.” Beyond financial guidance, Reinhart said he believes it’s his responsibility to give back to the community. “There are so many people that don’t have adult mentorships or don’t have the means… they need to reach their goals,” he said.  “I grew up in Bend and I know how much the leaders in this community gave in my upbringing in making me who I am today, so I want to make sure that I do the same.” Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management has been sponsoring the Ghost Tree Invitational Fundraiser & Auction for five years. Reinhart and his partner, Tyler Simones, also both volunteer their time as coaches, and give their staff time to do the same. “We’ve had employees that have been involved in reading to students,” he said. “We give them time if they’re a coach. We make sure people have the flexibility to be involved in the community.” It’s always humbling to be recognized in any capacity by your peers, other organizations and the community, Reinhart said about winning the Salute to Commerce award. “It’s nice to know if you do the right things you’ll be recognized for them in the long term,” he said. The Salute to Commerce Program is brought to you by the Bend Chamber in partnership with Combined Communications Inc. Thank you to Sweetheart Donuts for sponsoring the Salute to Commerce donut day at the recipient's office.


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