Insights from the 2016 Real Estate Forecast
By Rachael Rees van den Berg - Posted May 6, 2016
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Buckle up and get on board: Bend is going to change

Is Bend in a real estate boom, bubble or bust? That’s the question panelists answered on April 20 during the Bend Chamber’s Real Estate Forecast Breakfast, sponsored by Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt.

Moderator Damon Runberg took an audience of nearly 400 on a journey through 2005-2007 to learn from the past.

Wages went up, people were getting hired and homes were being built, but building permits dropped like a rock, which in a lot of ways foreshadowed the bust that was to come, Runberg said, referring to the Great Recession and Bend’s housing bubble bursting.

“The last expansion was a real estate driven expansion,” he said.

Today the feeling of déjà vu might not indicate Bend is headed for a bust. There are similar trends happening with a few differences, he said.


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